The supreme vice is shallowness
- Oscar Wilde

At The Listener, we believe that quality is not merely an accidental feature of a good product – it is its intrinsic value. Instead of randomly following any short-lived fad, we try to offer a selection of products that last beyond the clothes hanger. As Listeners, we want to hear past the barking and howling of your next best fashion trend, singling out only those brands that meet our standards.

Although quality is closely connected to authenticity, we are not blindly following traditions. We are living the Zeitgeist. We’re Listeners, and we listen closely. We aim at uniting the old and the new in harmony. After all, today’s innovation could be tomorrow’s classic.Creating this harmony is not always easy. That’s why it’s important to us to listen closely to what’s coming – without responding to every hype – and to what’s staying – without being stuck in the past.

The good of a product, a concept or idea is thus not an accidental property to us. It’s not a color, a size or a shape. Whether it’s clothing, music, scents or cosmetics, to us, the good is always the defining characteristic of a product.Just as well, The Listener is concept that is obligated to the good. It is not a store sign. It’s our foundation. To us, there is no other way: we love what we do.


It’s not an accident that The Listener is based in Frankfurt. It’s a place of contrasts:Bankers, students, creatives, IT professionals and art lovers share the city. 180 nationalities roam the city’s skyscraper canyons. Modern architecture is juxtaposed with traditional truss structures. It’s not for nothing that Frankfurt has earned its reputation for being Europe’s smallest metropolis.

Living in a city that promotes difference and tolerance, it’s only logical that we’ve decided to create a place devoted to variety. We focus not on one but a variety of topics. Included (but not limited to) are ladieswear and menswear, footwear and sneakers, cosmetics, leather goods, jewelry, books and handmade knives. Denim fetishists will find their fix as easily as enthusiasts of elegant minimalism.

Because we don’t want to end up half-cocked with a ton of underdone projects at our feet, we draw from the expertise of our employees, our partners and customers alike. We don’t fancy hierarchies and rigid ways of communication. The Listener’s strength resides in the synergies that are generated by the exchange between founders, staff, customers and business partners.

The Listener’s founders are united by the vision of a place that exceeds Frankfurt’s traditional boutiques and mainstream offerings. Precisely because of Frankfurt’s versatility, The Listener is compelled to come up with competencies that were missing prior to its establishment. By the same token, The Listener remains true to Frankfurt’s spiritual heritage and DNA.


The Listener is part of MA*, a new hub of the metropolis scene and location for eight exclusive retailers in the heart of Frankfurt’s city centre. Located parallel to the Zeil, the city’s main shopping street, MA* forms the prominent epicentre of Neustadt, which is known as Frankfurt’s fashion district. Anyone searching for unique clothing beyond the main stream will find what they’re looking for here.

With a modern yet rusticand timeless interior,The Listener fits perfectly into the image of its over all ensemble. Wood, patterned cement tile sand steel elements contribute to the clear-cut yet warm ambience of the 520-square-metre store.

An impressive denim wall, shelf systems hanging on ropes, copper-coated presentation counter sand versatile product modules are making statements when it comes to the shopping experience and store design.


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